We’re Back!!!

Great news! While we were doing better than we ever had before in 2019 we ended up selling out of Stone Away. As we considered how to move forward with the company we discovered…we’d like to keep it family owned. For that reason it took a bit of time to plan the next round of funding and inventory. However, as of today I’m announcing that we will be back very soon with new products. Our supplier is working to get our fulfillment done very soon. Thank you for your patience as we -relaunch and please continue to support us and buy Stone Away. It literally will change your life. It’s changed mine!

We Are Growing

With some recent changes in our website and by word of mouth, Stone Away continues to gain popularity.  My brother Jeremy and I are excited about the feedback we receive from those who are just trying Stone Away for the first time. All we hear is great news and new people experiencing relief after using Stone Away.  This just motivates us more and more to try and reach as many people as we can to share Stone Away with them.

Here’s our modest booth set up at an area festival.